It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

(Okay, okay, it’s actually Tuesday. Shh!! Don’t tell!)

Joining up with Jen from Teacher Mentor Texts to share what we’ve been reading in our household this past week.

Mom is reading:

I finally finished reading The Book Thief.  Amazing.  Powerful.  I’ll be thinking about that one for awhile.

In the meantime, I’m moving on to The Lions of Little Rock by Kristen Levine.  I haven’t gotten far enough into this to have anything to say about it yet, but I have high hopes!


Kiddo is reading:

I’ve Got an Elephant by Anne Ginkel, illustrated by Janie Bynum.

This fun, rhyming, counting book was a hit at our house.  In fact, we read it several times in a row (as in, I closed the cover, and Preschooler announced, “Again, please!”).  The text has a pattern that allows children to participate in the story by predicting the next scene.  We also took the time to count the elephants on each page. This one is Preschooler approved!

 Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray

The classically styled illustrations and simple color scheme in this book are visually appealing.  The writing is creative, weaving a story as you progress through the alphabet.  Some of the vocabulary was a little advanced for my 3yo, but still a wonderful example of an alphabet book.

Bedtime for Bear by Brett Helquist

Bear is ready to settle down for a long winter sleep, but his friends want him to come out and play just one. more. time.  Fun story, and could be a jumping off point for a conversation about hibernation.

The Very Fairy Princessby Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton, illustrated by Christine Davenier

Yes, THAT Julie Andrews.  Fans of Pinkalicious or Fancy Nancy might like this alternative series.  Some of the text is overdone, but the message of every little girl having her own “sparkle” inside is a good one.

Love, Mouserella  by David Ezra Stein

I enjoyed Mouserella’s voice in this one.  The plot isn’t captivating, but it’s cute and might inspire your child to letter-writing.  The book was recommended by Danielle at There’s A Book.  You can read her thoughts here.


Baby Bear Sees Blue by Ashley Wolff

My favorite part of this book are the illustrations, but the text is wonderful, too.  Baby Bear wakes up from hibernation and as he begins to explore the world outside, he is introduced to all the brilliant colors of spring.  Preschooler  caught on to the story’s pattern quickly and was soon “reading” along with me. This book was recommended to me by Susan at The Book Maven’s Haven.

That’s been our week. What are you reading?  Anything we should add to our library list for our next visit?


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