Share A Story : A Passport to Other Worlds

Last year, I participated in Share A Story 2011.  This year, I haven’t been on the ball enough to fully participate, but I’m joining in today.  Today’s featured bloggers are focusing on literacy as “passports to other worlds.”  For the rest of us, there are daily writing prompts to help further discussion.  Here is what I chose:

An acquaintance wants a book about a culture unlike his/her own … You’ve got 100 words to pitch your favorite book. Pitch us!

This is the Way We Go to School

Written by Edith Baer, Illustrations by Steve Bjorkman

Scholastic, 1992

Preschoolers have a unique, egocentric view of the world.  This is the Way We Go to School uses lyrical prose and full-spread illustrations to introduce children to cultures not only within the United States, but across the globe.  The simple narrative suggests different ways children arrive to school– be it by foot, bus, boat, or even helicopter– while the illustrations are detailed and invite further conversation.  The final two pages include a list of each child mentioned and their country of origin.  What a wonderful way to connect world cultures to the lives of children just beginning their school years!

For middle readers, I’ve also enjoyed Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan, and Nora Ryan’s Song,and Maggie’s Door, both by Patricia Reilly Giff.

Do you have a favorite?  A book that opened your eyes to a different culture and led you to a particular fascination?  Share, please!


2 thoughts on “Share A Story : A Passport to Other Worlds

    • Thanks! Slowly finding my rhythm around here again. I’m not familiar with Burn My Heart or Beverley Naidoo, but I looked her up. Wow! Some intense subject matter, but interesting. I’ll have to check her out.

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