She Reads

Since Baby arrived, Preschooler and I have had a little less time reading her beloved books.  We still read right before her nap, and right before bed, but it has been harder to find the time to fit read aloud time during the day.  Her brother has been not only “hands-on”, as newborns are, but also a fussy hands-on.  Even while feeding, he likes his environment quiet, and my voice disturbs and distracts him.

So instead, we started reciting nursery rhymes and singing children’s songs, as these are things I can do while pacing around the living room, or rocking a fussy baby in our bedroom rocker.  As a result, she’s recently memorized many traditional rhymes.  She gets so excited when we then DO get around to reading from a selected book and these same rhymes are “IN MY BOOK, MOMMY!!! LOOK!  LIKE THE ONE WE SING WITH BABY!!”

One such book is Tracey Moroney’s Animal Songs.  This book contains The Owl and the Pussycat, Hey Diddle Diddle, Pop! Goes the Weasel, and Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear.  A few nights ago, while making dinner, I looked over to see her “reading” the book to herself.  I later convinced her to read it again so that I could share her accomplishment with the grandparents:

It’s quite obviously memorized “reading”, but the teacher in me was pleased to see her emerging literacy skills, namely:

  • reading from left to right and front to back
  • using the illustrations to guide her reading (in this case, when to turn the pages and when to begin/end each rhyme)

And the mom in me thinks she’s just plain ol’ stinkin’ cute.  She was so proud, and has watched the video over and over again, chanting along with her favorite reader.



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