Friday Confession: Lessons from Alexander

Yesterday was the” terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.”  Like Alexander , my day began poorly and just got worse and worse.  The climax came during dinner when I had reached my emotional limit and snapped at my husband, for snapping at our daughter, which led to my then fleeing from the room, and my daughter dissolving into hurt and confused tears.

Not my finest parenting moment.

And so I confess:

Yesterday was a big ol’ parenting FAIL.

There were no educational moments, no nature walks in the sunshine, no snuggling and reading of library books.  It was a “barely getting by” kinda day.  And then after the kids went to bed, there was some wine, some venting, some discussion, and some decisions made.  And then I  fell asleep (only to get up 2x in the night for feedings).

But today?  Today has been a much better day.  I’ve forgiven myself for my bad day.  The sun is literally shining, my children are in better moods, and we’re moving on.

So for anyone else who needs a redo on the day, take heart. Every terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day must eventually come to an end.

And the law of averages says that the next day will be better.


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