A Letter in the Box

I love email.  I love texting.  With an 2 kiddos, one almost 3 and the other 2 months, the chances of my having an uninterrupted phone conversation are pretty slim.  And with email and texting, I can send off a message when the thought crosses my mind, and the recipient will have that message almost instantaneously.

And yet…

There’s something about getting a hand-written note that is still so … exciting.  I look forward to my birthday, and holidays, because mail arrives in my postal mailbox.  Mail that has my name on it, but doesn’t also contain a window (because we all know what the window mail means, right?)

So when I read about The Month of Letters Challenge, I was intrigued.  This past Christmas, my husband and I had a slight “disagreement”.  We ordered our family photo Christmas cards, just after our baby was born at the beginning of December.  When they arrived, he asked for me to help write a personal note and sign each one before sending them off.  He wanted to add that personal touch.  This year, with a brand new baby, a toddler, and my own physical recovery to contend with, that “touch” was just more than I could handle, and we sent the cards out without personal signatures.  I think our friends and family will forgive us.

He does have a point, though.  Letter-writing is fast becoming a lost art.  Electronic communication is just so much simpler, but it lacks that personal touch that can only come from a handwritten correspondence.

So this February, I’m going to accept the challenge of sending “at least one item through the post every day it runs.”  That’s 24 days.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



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