Friday Confession: Well, That Works, Too…

What a beautiful, sunny Friday!  Hardly the the type of day for any serious confessing.  So, let’s keep it light, shall we?

The Toddler has replaced Jesus with a whale.

We have two toddler Bibles.  One given to us by friends, and one given to The Toddler by our church to honor her baptism.

While miniature sized, they’re still on the heavy side, and so for quite awhile they’ve spent most of their time sitting on a low bookshelf in her room, and not getting much attention.

But recently, she pulled them both off the shelf to look through, and now they’ve become favorites.  Except she’s not really interested in reading most of the stories.  She’s not interested in Jesus, or the apostles, or really any of the traditional children’s Bible stories.  In fact, she doesn’t even refer to the books as “Bibles”.

She calls them the “whale books.”  As in, “Mama, ree way-o book!  Find way-o, Mama!”

That would be the story of Jonah, in case you’re wondering.  If I’m really lucky, I can get her to flip to the story of Noah’s Ark (more animals).  But most days?  We just read about the whales.

I guess we’ll get to the other stuff later.

And just in case you’re wondering… the whale story can be found on page 208 in one Bible, and 221 in the other.

I’ve checked.  Repeatedly.


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