Friday Confessions: Not alot of Princess-ing here

I guess confession #1 should be

It’s actually Saturday

Oops.  Didn’t get this one up in time.  Sorry ’bout that.

Much of my facebook, twitter feed, and bloglist yesterday was consumed with thoughts and comments about the much-anticipated Royal Wedding.  Me?  My toddler chose to sleep in until 7:45 (!?!) yesterday morning, and so…I did, too.  Which means that I didn’t watch the events live.  The Toddler got up, and I convinced her to watch the balcony kiss, only by telling her to look for the princess, and then wave at the “princess” when she emerged.  As soon as that was over, The Toddler asked if she could watch Thomas.  And that was the extent of our girly moment.

Which brings us to  confession # 2–

I’m not raising a girly-girl

Despite her looks (blond, blue-eyed, and on the petite side), The Toddler is rough and tumble.  She can’t wait until her Daddy gets home so that he will run, and jump, and chase and wrestle with her in the way only daddies can.

That rough-and-tumble personality is reflected on her bookshelf, too.  There are some typically girly titles, but there are also books about Thomas the Tank Engine (a favorite!), dump trucks, dinosaurs, and airplanes.  And while sometimes I’ll admit I wish she showed more interest in Fancy Nancy than Baby’s 1st Trucks, it’s all part of who she is, and learning about her world.  So we read the dump truck book.  Repeatedly.  And every once in awhile?  We read the dump truck book while wearing a princess dress-up gown.

Guess there’s a little bit of girly-girl in there after all.

What do you think?  Does your bookshelf reflect a wide variety of preferences?  Does your child have a strong passion for a particular subject?  Sound off!


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