Friday Confessions: Looting

Today’s Friday confession is about looting.  As in,

I scored some serious loot this morning.

Despite the drizzly and once again chilly weather, I loaded up The Toddler, the stroller, and an armload of snacks this morning.  We headed to our local library,  and the children’s/teen book sale.  Trying to navigate a stroller, even a small one, through the limited space in which the sale was held was no easy feat, but we all managed, and I came home victorious.

Several of these titles are classics that I came across in my time in the classroom.  At one point, I had my own copies, but I gave many of my books to another teacher when I left the classroom several years ago.  Time to restock! Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? is new to me, but fits my cute-but-rough-and-tumble daughter perfectly.  And if you haven’t read A Chair for My Mother, try it out.  It’s tissue-worthy. 

Isn’t Stellaluna a wonderful story?  For those of you who read to your children at bedtime, this is a sweet bedtime story.  Also, if you’re two, apparently At the Zoo is a must-read.  The Toddler grabbed this one off the table, and it kept her entertained while I continued browsing.

16 books, for a grand total of $10 and the money goes back into our public library system.

Not bad for a Friday morning outing.

(And another confession?  Husband just called to tell me he was coming home an hour early.  Wonder if I can sneak out again to browse toddler-free…?)


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