Friday Confessions: Count Me Out

My confession this week is short and sweet:

We didn’t do alot of reading this week

Some, yes, but not much.  Remember when I wrote about how skipping a day was okay?  I’m giving myself that grace this week.  My husband has been out of town, The Toddler caught some type of stomach bug (with all the joy that a stomach bug brings), and I had to put my cat of almost 16 years to sleep.

It was a rough week.

We got a little bit of reading and snuggling in when The Toddler started to feel a little better.  You can check back on Sunday to see what that looked like.

But for the most part, this week was just about survival.

I’m working on making a mental shift because The Toddler turns the big 0-2 tomorrow, and after the last couple days, we really need the celebration!

So.  Goodbye to this week.  On to the next!


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