World Read Aloud Day

Remember last month, when I told you to mark your calendars?


Today’s the day.  Lit World’s global movement to promote literacy, otherwise known as World Read Aloud Day.

Across the country, schools, communities, and businesses have come on board to celebrate the importance of literacy.  In Times Square, a 24-hour readathon is going on right this moment. How cool is that?!

To those participating, Lit World asks:

What would you miss most if you could not read or write?

I’ve been mulling over this question for the last couple days, as I’ve prepared to write this post.  There are some obvious answers, like being able to follow directions to a new location, or (successfully) completing a new-to-me recipe.

But the thing I would miss most?


My relationship with my husband, which first began when we lived 100 miles apart and neither of us owned a car, then continued as he joined the military, and was no longer 100 miles away, but 1000.

My relationship with my daughter, who like any toddler, is a constant blur of activity.  Except when she brings me a book to “ree”, and then I must have my lap ready because that is, she insists, where all reading takes place.

My relationship with my family, who read just about everything I write online, be it here, on my personal blog, on facebook, or in emails.  These are 21st century connections, folks.

My relationship with my students, during the time I spent in the classroom.  The books I shared to them allowed them to share in my passion and enthusiasm.  And while politicians may argue that education is about test scores, and achievement gaps, and keeping up with the Joneses, those of us who have “been there, done that” know differently.  It’s about connecting with the students.

My relationship with my peers, my friends, whether they be those I know in real-life, or those I know only through my computer screen.  These people constitute my day-to-day life.  They see my trials, my celebrations, and my moments of confusion–often in print!

So what would I miss most if I could not read or write?  My relationships.

And to this wife/mom/daughter/sister/friend/teacher… that’s everything.


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