Book Review: Five Silly Monkeys and Good Morning, Good Night

Remember on Sunday, when I said that I would be back Monday to give you more information about that cute little book?  Yeah.  I didn’t take into account The Sickness that was about to descend upon our house.  So we’re crawling out now, and I’m back.  Without further ado…

When Piggy Toes Press offered me the chance to review two books at Once Upon A Story, I jumped at the opportunity.  A few days later, a package arrived on our front porch while I was making dinner.  I retrieved the box, peeked inside, and then decided to put it aside until after dinner when The Toddler and I could sit down and enjoy the books together.

Except The Toddler had already seen me open the box and pull out one of the books, and that was the end of that.  Dinner was put to the side as she gleefully pulled out her treasures.

Five Silly Monkeys,  illustrated by Steve Haskamp (2003)

Mom Thoughts: We know the familiar Five Little Monkeys nursery rhyme, but this book adds a nice little twist.  Not only do the little monkeys jump on the bed, they also eat, swing, slide, and spin.  This is great for building vocabulary!  The Toddler and I act out each of these verbs as we read.  I also appreciated the new ending…”Nobody mentioned anything about…jumping on the couch!”

Toddler Thoughts: Monkeys happen to be a favorite animal, so you can imagine the excitement!  She loves touching and “counting” the 3-dimensional faces.  The book is the perfect size for little hands, and extremely portable.  This one has ended up in her “purse” which goes with us in the car and on errands.  She calls it her “ooh-ooh!” book.

Good Morning, Good Night! A Touch & Feel Bedtime Book designed by Laurie Young, illustrated by Melanie Mitchell (2007)

Mom Thoughts: The easy rhythm of this makes this an ideal read-aloud, especially at bedtime or when you have a little one cuddled sleepily on your lap.  Which is exactly what we did.  Several times a day, as The Sickness took its toll and worked its way through our house, we cuddled and read this story.

Toddler Thoughts: The Toddler loves that the pages open further to reveal a full spread.  The touch-and-feel component, of course, is also a win.  She enjoys turning each page, pulling open the spread, and then whispering “nigh-nigh” to each animal as we read.  Her favorite part, though, is tucking the little girl into her big girl bed on the very last page.

Thank you, Piggy Toes, for our delightful reads!  We’ll be enjoying these for a long time!

Want to learn more about what Piggy Toes Press has to offer?  Visit their website to flip through the catalog, or find them on Facebook!


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