Mark Your Calendars for World Read Aloud Day

Once again, the folks at LitWorld are hosting World Read Aloud Day. Last year’s event included 40, 000 participants in 35 countries and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever.  Here’s the 411:

Who? YOU! Anybody, anywhere, of any age is encouraged to participate.

What? We will be joining together, across the globe, in a worldwide movement to read aloud to our children.

When? March 9th

Where? Well, that’s up to you!  It can be on your blog, in your home, in your classroom, or at a community event.

Why? Basic literacy is the foundation for all future learning.  The ability to read and write plays an essential role in a child’s academic success.  Read alouds offer numerous benefits:

  • develops listening skills and language development
  • promotes bonding and one-on-one discussion between reader and listener
  • models reading strategies and skills
  • creates “teachable moments” as a child’s natural curiosity is piqued
  • encourages children to be lifelong readers and learners through the presence of adult role models

How? Ready to be involved?  Here’s what you can do:

  • First, head over to LitWorld’s page to register
  • If you’re on Facebook, join the event here, or follow the World Read Aloud Day blog for current information.
  • Update your Facebook status and/or blog on March 9 with the answer to this question:
    What would you miss most if you could not read or write?

If you do decide to participate, would you stop back here and let me know?  I’ll remind you all again on March 9th, and I’d love to link up to other blogs, share our ideas, and celebrate together.

See you soon!


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