Friday Confession: When Books Go Hiding

Happy Friday, all!  It’s almost the weekend, and once again I’m lightening my conscience with a Friday confession.  Last week, I confessed to banning books.  This week, I’m confessing to hiding them.

First off, I have to say:  It’s not my fault.  I blame the grandparents who are enjoying their revenge for all our childhood infractions by inundating our house with every noisy toy they can find on the shelf. My parents, in fact, have flat-out told me this.

So.  Not my fault. Now we can move on.

The toddler, of course, loves books that make noise.  For Easter last year, she received a board book that played ‘Here Comes Peter Cottontail’ as you read through the pages.  Lovely book, cute idea.  Except 1-year-olds don’t read books front to back.  She was barely out of the “books are for eating” stage.  She did, however, take great joy in opening and closing the book numerous times to make the song start and (abruptly) stop.  We read this book ALOT.  And then, one night while the toddler was sleeping, the book went hiding.  Amazingly enough, it returned a little later, and we continued to read the book until the sound actually wore out.

The same thing happened more recently with one of those recordable storybooks.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the sentiment behind this idea, and think they’re a wonderful way to keep distanced family members connected.  But if your child doesn’t have the patience to sit and listen to each page being read, the effect is a little like flipping through the cable channels.  Not so great.

Children go through “book passions.”  They latch on to a particular book, and will want to hear it over and over and over and over…. These books I’m patient with.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve read Curious George and the Toy Store this week.  I know that eventually she’ll move on to something else, though I’ll likely have the text fully memorized by that point.  That’s okay.  I’m glad she enjoys the story, and it’s one of the few times she’ll sit and cuddle with me.

But those “noisy books”?

You just can’t keep those darn things from hiding.


2 thoughts on “Friday Confession: When Books Go Hiding

  1. There are several books at my house that are in a permanent rotation on “holiday” on a shelf my son can’t reach. They are books that – like yours – make annoying sounds and sing, books with hundreds of flaps and hidden images, books whose meat is mostly onomatopoeia, and the dreaded pop-up books. Soren knows they hide and when one comes out of hiding, it’s like he’s never read it before. We then read it compulsively for the rest of the day.

    • We have so many other books that she can access at any time, I don’t think she even misses the ones that go into hiding for awhile. And like you, when they come out, it’s like Christmas all over again. Of course, this trick won’t work forever, but it’s one day at a time around here!

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