Friday Confession: Banning Bedtime Books

One of the reasons I decided to switch over to my own little home on the internet was so that I could be free to be honest.  I mean, it’s my home, right?  And where else can you be totally honest, if not in your own home?

So here is my first Friday Confession.  A chance to dole out some true honesty, and have my conscience clean for the weekend.  Ready?

I don’t read to my child at bedtime.

There. I’ve said it.  Not only do I not read to her at bedtime, if we’re really being honest, I don’t want to.

Before you get all upset about the reading teacher and librarian who doesn’t want to read (scandal!), let me explain.

Before my child was born, I had great visions of reading to my snuggly offspring every night.  We would cuddle up in the big overstuffed chair, pick out a book, and read together until she fell asleep on my lap.  When I was pregnant, I even picked out the perfect chair for this scenario (still the best chair in the house, by the way).

Then, our perfect little princess was born. Oh, the reality.  There were feeding issues, and spit up, and cries that I didn’t understand.  For awhile, I moved in a fog, and those visions of reading happily to my baby every night?  They kinda went out the window while I tried to remember what day it was.

As time went on, we developed a bedtime routine that worked really well for us.  Bath, bottle, rock, place in crib.  She was going to sleep without a fuss every single night. Glorious.  A couple more months went by and I thought about starting the reading before bed routine, but she wasn’t interested.  The child was on a bedtime mission- eat and sleep.  Just prior to her first birthday, she decided she didn’t even want to be held and rocked before bed anymore.  She would feed herself her last bottle, thankyouverymuch.

She’s almost two.  I’ve given up.  When it’s bedtime…my kid likes to go to bed.  Trying to change her routine confuses her, and gets her all strung out, which in turn leads to uncontrolled crying and multiple attempts to escape her room, which leads to my having to put her back in her toddler bed over and over again.  Not pleasant for anyone.

So.  I’ve banned books at bedtime.

Instead, we read them as soon as she gets up in the morning.  In fact, she usually has one ready in her hand when I open her door.  We read them in the afternoon when we visit the playroom after her nap.  We read them after dinner while we’re playing with my husband. It’s not the image I had in my head, but it works for us.

Care to share a confession over your own?  Go ahead, it’s cathartic.  And no judgement here…I’m the literacy advocate who doesn’t like to read (at bedtime).


7 thoughts on “Friday Confession: Banning Bedtime Books

  1. Interesting post 🙂
    It’s important that we do whatever works for us.
    I’ve also had this vision of reading my child at bedtime well before my daughter was born. She was born and… well, I was more than happy to read her but she wasn’t interested. I suppose I’ve kept trying because (warning: confession to follow! ;-)) I enjoyed it. 2 years on and she’s still prefers to turn pages and look at the picture than listen to me reading her a story.
    She loves listening to stories earlier on though!

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  3. I have a confession. A terrible one. I let my son eat food off the floor that he dropped at dinner because it’s easier than getting the broom. I don’t let him eat things that are dangerous or that would have gone bad but crackers, bread, that sort of thing; have at it! It’s cheaper than getting a dog.

  4. Molly: same here. Sometimes I just close my eyes or turn my head away because my OCD would not let me ignore it 😉
    I also discovered that a bit of cake instead of lunch now and then will not kill them. neither ice cream.
    My daughter is still slim and prefers fruit to any sweets.

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